Tour de Farm Warren County

Saturday, September 24, 2022



Day Of Schedule

7 - 8AM - Long Route - Check-In & Breakfast

8 - 10AM - Medium & Short Route - Check-In & Breakfast

Longest Tour should leave by 8AM

Medium Tour should leave by 9AM

Shortest Tour should leave by 10AM

12 - 3PM - Lunch 

The tour closes at 3pm. There will be no Sag Wagon service after 3pm.

The lunch closes at 3pm. There will be no lunches served after 3pm.

Ticket Type Descriptions


This event has 3 tickets types:

  • Tour de Farm Cycling Ticket (leisurely bicycle from farm to farm)

  • Driving-in-Car Ticket (bring your family or drive along the route with your friend and drive from farm to farm)

  • Tour de Farm Fondo Cycling Ticket (bicycle from farm to farm, but have timed racing segments to earn prizes at the end of the event).

Each ticket includes a Breakfast and Lunch.

Route Options*

  • Short - 20-30 miles (Ticket Options: Tour de Farm Cycling or Driving only; No Fondo segments on the Short route)

  • Medium - 45-60 miles (Ticket Options: All ticket options available)

  • Long - 75-100 miles (Ticket Options: All ticket options available)

*Route lengths subject to change pending farm participation.

Routes to be posted in 2022 via RideWithGPS


Menu - to be determined



Menu - to be determined

The Farms

Routes and farms may change due to unforeseen circumstances