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Event Rules & FAQs




Be careful and pay attention. Stay alert - stay alive. Please take your time to enjoy the wonderful views and roads. Be courteous to your fellow riders, please pass and on the left and be cautious entering and exiting farm stops.


We have chosen to hold this event to avoid busy roads to make this event as safe as possible.  While our routes are very scenic, these roads which require your full attention – to put it simply, they may be narrower and have tighter turns than what you are used to, may have unfilled pot holes along the way and will require you to stay alert at all times.


This is a must, no one will be allowed to ride without cycling helmet with the chin strap fastened at all times. No tricycles, trailers or powered vehicles of any kind will be allowed to ride.


This applies to everyone, fast or slow, newbie or experienced. This includes, but is not limited to, traffic lights and stop signs.


At all times, except when passing and ride single file. Keep in mind that the roads are open to traffic. 


It is not safe to put anything over your ears while bicycling. Don't do it.


We will ride regardless of the weather so please plan accordingly.  


The tours ends at 3pm, at that time the ride will be officially over.


We route you through some amazingly beautiful country. Please do not litter - keep all gel packs, inner tubes and all disposable items with you until they can be disposed of properly. Please treat others with respect and be courteous to drivers by keeping right to let them pass when possible.


There are no exceptions to this rule!


All registered cyclists must wear their official wristband. Riders who do not have this will not be able to enjoy or access the Farm Stops.



Follow this link:



What is the difference between the Tour de Farm Routes and the Tour de Farm Fondo Routes? 

The Tour de Farm Routes (Short & Long) visit farms along the routes, without a racing / timed segments. The Fondo Routes (Piccolo and Gran) have timed-segment competitions, and visit limited farms. On the Fondo routes, your overall time from start to finish does not matter; only the timed segments count. The timing segments will be calculated at the end of the Fondo rides. 

Are E-Bikes Allowed? 

E-Bikes are allowed for the Tour de Farm routes, but prohibited for the Fondo routes. 

Why should I attend this event?

The Tour De Farm NJ is unlike any other cycling event in NJ. Our event is all about supporting our NJ Farmers and their Farms.


If you love great food, fresh air, and beautiful countryside; this event is for you. The day begins with a farm-fresh locally sourced breakfast to help power you through the ride.


Once you hop on your bike, you will stop at farms along the route where the farmers will provide you with a "tasting", small sample, or tour of what their farms have to offer.  The farmers will be offering their products for sale.  So feel free to bring a backpack and/or saddlebags and cash along with you on the ride or the farmers will have your purchased items will be brought back to the start/end of your tour.


What's included in the price of a cycling ticket? 

A cycling ticket includes: A locally-sourced BREAKFAST, small tastings & snacks along the cycling route, water along the cycling route, bathrooms at each farm, free day-of parking at the start/finish, route signage marking every turn, cue sheets, SAG wagon support AND LUNCH.

A driver in car ticket includes: A locally-sourced BREAKFAST, participant wristband, small tastings & snacks along the driving route, water at each farm, bathrooms at each farm, free day-of parking at the start/finish, cue sheets, AND LUNCH.


What does a "tasting" mean?

Farms along the cycling routes may offer a tasting of their recent harvests or a small farm-specific item (ie. flower, fiber, etc). These tastings are literally tastings. Do not expect a full course at each stop.  


If I need medical service, what do I do?

If you or a fellow rider is experiencing a medical trauma or emergency, dial 911, and report your exact location using the cue sheet as a guide, then if you have the opportunity dial the contact number found on the top of the cue sheets, and report in to the tour organizers.


Is there a minimum age for participants? There is no minimum age for Driving-in-Car tickets. The minimum age for participants bicycling is 13 years old - these courses are challenging and demanding. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while on the route, and must have their registration form and waiver signed by their legal parent or guardian.


Are the roads closed for traffic?

No, except for a limited time at the immediate start area, all roads will be open to regular traffic. 

If required, there will be police controlling traffic at major intersections along the route. At all times riders must obey all traffic laws and ride on the right hand side of the street. Riders must follow the instructions of police officers, course marshals and volunteers. Please review the NJ Bicycling Manual for other related concerns. 


I have registered but I cannot participate. Can I get a refund or transfer my registration to another rider? The entry fee is non-refundable, and there are no deferrals. However, you can transfer your registration to another person. You are responsible for finding the other rider - the recipient must register through Once packets are picked up, they are non-transferrable. 


I have registered, but I can't find all my tickets. Each ticket is emailed directly via Eventbrite to each individual participant. If you purchased multiple tickets but only have your ticket on the PDF, please ask the other person that you registered to check his/her email for the ticket. If you're still unable to find your tickets before the event, please send us an email.  


I have never participated in a large group ride before. What do I have to be concerned about?

When riding in a group you need to pay extra attention to the riders around you and signal your intentions at all times. It takes skill to get used to riding closely behind someone else's wheel. Most importantly, do not overlap the wheel of the rider in front of you, do not make and sudden, unannounced speed or direction changes - if you happen to miss a turn, rather than suddenly swerve back, call out that you missed a turn and are slowing down, then safely re-trace back to the route. Please review the NJ Bicycling Manual for other related concerns.  


What type of bike can I ride for the event? 

We suggest that you use a road bike, as it is the best option to ride in groups. Its light weight makes climbing easier (and there are plenty of climbs). You can also ride a mountain bike, touring bike, hybrid bike, single speed (with two brakes), or a recumbent. Fixed gear bikes are not permitted on the ride.


What do I have to wear?

All riders must:

  • Have their tour wristband around their wrist for the entire event.

  • Helmets with buckled chin straps must be worn at all times.

  • Headphones of any kind are not allowed.


Where do I park?

There is lots of parking at your tour.  Please follow the tour signs and pay attention to the parking volunteers. 


Where do I register?  You can register only via our EventBrite page.  


If I have a mechanical issue on the course, what do I do?

Firstly, move out of the path of fellow cyclists and off to the side of the route. We highly encourage all participants to know basic safety and repair skills, including in particular fixing a flat tire. Be prepared and bring your own pump or CO2 cartridges and extra tubes for your bike. If you can fix the issue yourself, move off the course and proceed with your repairs. However, if you are still unable to make the repair, you can dial the number printed on your wrist band for assistance. Please note that the wait for assistance and/or a ride to the nearest rest stop can be long and by waiting, you run the risk of not being allowed to finish the event. Please review the NJ Bicycling Manual for other related concerns. 


I would like to shower and change my clothes after the ride.
We will not have shower facilities at the event.
What social media hashtag should I use?
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