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Check out what people are saying and our hashtag: #TourDeFarmNJ

Cathy C. Pensak, IPC, The Hospitalist Company

"What a fabulous event! I have just returned to AZ inspired believing you all have set up a model for other communities – well done, excellent good and yummy wine – my family and I loved it!!!!!"

Dan Rothman, Regional Chef, Whole Foods

"It was a pleasure to be involved with so many great people doing such great things with such a great farm to host it all!  Keep voting with your forks and your tongs. We can make a change!"

Putnam Family, Sparta, NJ

"Just a note to thank you for providing the opportunity for my family to get together and enjoy a great day.  The Farm to Fork event was amazing!"

Katy Leonard, Black Bear Fitness Club

"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful day. The ride was simply beautiful, our group had a great time."

Mike & Kathleen Linskey, Sussex County, NJ

"I just wanted to let you know that Kathleen and I had an AMAZING time today! The ride was beautiful and the food could not have been any better. Everyone that we talked to had a great time and there was already a buzz about next year. Excellent job!

Shelly Janes, Ogdensburg, NJ

"The 2013 Tour de Farm NJ and Farm to Fork Celebration were fantastic.  The food, the music, the people, the chefs, the servers, the atmosphere, the relaxation was so nice and I'm so glad that we participated and that they allowed us to be a part of this event."

Elise Strype, New York City

"Your team did a fantastic job organizing yesterday's event! The food was amazing, the venue was beautiful, the music was so enjoyable. It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you!!

Lee Daly, Sparta, NJ

"The bicycle riders were filled with enthusiasm. The farms along the way served as a comfortable place for the riders to stop and chat, and appreciate the surroundings. The Farm to Fork was set so elegantly in the midst of the beautiful outdoors. The food was prepared like works of art by the very best chefs in New Jersey. It was a great experience."

Eric Beller, Westport, CT

"The bike ride course was just right. Challenging, but beautiful. Anyone thinking of riding to High Point should challenge themselves to the tough climb, but beautiful views at the top. It was enjoyable stopping by the farms. Lunch was an incredible experience. Enjoying the many courses all made by the hands of the NJ chefs from the many farms we passed even more memorable. I will be back in 2014 with other riders as well bring family to the lunch after the ride."

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